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Onycholysis is the separation of a fingernail or toenail from its pink nail bed. Traumatic onycholysis develops as a result of mechanical, physical, chemical effects. Often onycholysis occurs with eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or prolonged use of antibiotics. Sometimes nail separation occurs as a result of infection (fungal, viral, bacterial).

But over the past few years, the situation has worsened due to the almost non-stop wearing of artificial nails and the use strong led lamps. This often leads to burns of the nails and to onycholysis.

STOP ONYCHOLYSIS is aimed for regeneration nails in case of onycholysis problem and also supports healing processes, which is a good prevention of this problem.

The uniqueness of the formula of the STOP ONYCHOLYSIS series products lies in the ingredients: placenta extract, propolis oil, ecdys©, wormwood oil, plantain oil, methylene blue, goose oil. This formula prevents the separation of the nail from its  soft nail bed and helps start the processes of regeneration of the growth zones of the nail.

STOP ONYCHOLYSIS stimulates the growth of a healthy nail plate, increases elasticity, protects from fungal infection.

STOP ONYCHOLYSIS is used for the problems and prevention of nail diseases, dystrophy of the nail plate, various nail injuries caused by metal cutters and also provides health and beauty to the nails after removing the artificial material.