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Biowax with sulphur (antifungal effect)

Biowax with sulphur (antifungal effect)

Relieves inflammation, helps to soften and improve elasticity of the nail plate and its rapid growth. It has an antifungal effect. Recommended for professional, SPA and home care. Sulphur is one of the substances having biocidal (including bactericidal, fungicidal and sporocidal) property which has been known since ancient times. The product contains the most effective nanoscale form of sulphur (particle size 20-25 nm), which allows to increase its activity by 9 times compared to micron sulphur with an average particle size of 8 microns. Recommended for use in professional salon and preventive home care.


Individual intolerance of ingredients.


Apply the required amount of biowax on the nails or problem area and rub it with soft massage movements.


Castor oil (Ricinus commúnis), pharmacopeia mineral oil, beeswax, microsera, propolis.


10/35+5 ml