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Carbamide Peeling With Drying Effect

Carbamide Peeling With Drying Effect

Used for problem feet c hyperhidrosis. Contains more than 50% of the main active component of carbamide(urea pura) and alumina alum. Carbamideloosens and softens the keratin layer, contributing to its easy and safe removal, maintains skin elasticity. Potassium alum has astringent, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory action. The use of this product makes it easy to remove the "rubber" corks sand cutter or professional nail file. Keratolytic is safe for living tissues. It has a drying and deodorizing effect. It preserves the comfort and elasticity of the skin of the feet for a long time. Recommended for regular use in the salon and at home for problematic feet with hardware, classic and SPA pedicure.


Individual intolerance of ingredients.


Apply 3-5 ml of keratolytic to problem areas of the foot. To withstand 1-20 mins.Remove loosened and softened dead skin with the professional nail file or sand mill.


Demineralized water, carbamide, potassium alum,surfactant, ethanoic acid, perfume composition.


100 ml