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Cleansing peptide gel for makeup removal

Cleansing peptide gel for makeup removal

Unique delicate peptide product for face washing / makeup removal that does not damage the skin’s protective barrier. Eliminates the feeling of tightness, prevents skin dryness and sensitivity, inhibits melanin generation. The product contains no surface-active agents or other harmful components that cause premature ageing of the skin. If necessary, requires no rinsing and no additional toning. Suitable for all skin types. Hormone free. It has high biocompatibility.  No parabens, emulsifiers and dyes.


Individual intolerance of ingredients.


Apply the necessary amount of the product onto a tissue / cotton disk and wipe your skin along the massage lines, then rinse the product with a large quantity of water and carefully dry the skin with a towel. The cleansing peptide gel works well in a combination with INKI makeup removal tissues.


Demineralized water, low-molecular peptides, β-cyclodextrins,allantoin, vitamin F, vitamin Е, caprylyl glycol, perfume composition.


110 ml