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Cuticle remover liquid

Cuticle remover liquid

It’s a new generation of safe urea pura keratolytics containing more than 50% of the carbamide. The product penetrates deeply into the cuticle and quickly loosens its keratinized layer, without injuring the growth zone of the nail and causing a burning sensation. The elasticity of the cuticle is maintained for a long time, which prevents the appearance of burrs and other negative effects of dried cuticle. Safe and comfortable to use with hardware, classic and SPA manicure/pedicure.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.


Apply on dry/moistened cuticles around the nail plate for 2 - 5 minutes Then remove the loosened part with a cutter, tweezers or special sticks.


Demineralized water, carbamide, surfactant, salicylic acid, ethanoic acid, methylene blue.


15/30 ml