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GEL with keratin for thin nails

GEL with keratin for thin nails

Express care for thin nails!
Gel with keratin helps to quickly restore the thickness, elasticity and strength of the nail plate. Gel smoothes the structure of the nail, removes excessive sensitivity. Keratin strengthens nails and protects against external negative environmental factors.
Hyaluronic acid saturates the nail plate with moisture and nutrients, and also prevents excessive exposure to sunlight on the growth zone of the nail plate. Ecdys promotes the growth of long and healthy nails.
Decreased sensitivity of the nails. They acquire a well-groomed appearance, natural shine and vitality of nail plate. Ideal for nail care after removal of artificial materials.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.


Apply to the nail plate and spread evenly with massaging movements


Demineralized water, keratin, elastin peptides and amino acids, GAG, HA, hydroxyethylcellulose , allantoin, caprylyl glycol, Ecdys, perfume composition.


15 ml