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Hand Paraffin Cream with Blackcurrant

Hand Paraffin Cream with Blackcurrant

Cold paraffin treatment.  The composition of the paraffin cream is intended for detoxification and skin toning. The treatment with paraffin relaxes the muscles, opens the pores of the skin, enhances the lymph flow. As a result, the skin of the hands is smoothed, becomes softer, water balance in the layers of the epidermis is restored.

Gives a feeling of warmth and comfort from the procedure with paraffin. The aroma of blackcurrant has a relaxing aromatherapy and delight.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.


Apply a thick layer of paraffin cream to your skin, wrap your hands in protective film or wear the gloves. On top, you may put on mittens for paraffin therapy. After 15-20 minutes, remove the rest of the paraffin cream with a paper towel. Do not rinse with water.


Paraffinum liquidum, paraffin, detox – complex INKI, mineral wax, blackcurrant seed extract (Ríbes nígrum), perfume composition, Е172.


35/200 ml