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Propolis extract with Ekdys

Propolis extract with Ekdys

Propolis extract is used as a wound-healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, natural analgesic, bactericidal and bacteriostatic, antifungal agent. Propolis reduces itching in psoriasis and other skin damages, itching and pain after burns, fungal diseases of the feet. It has a beneficial effect on tissue regeneration, promotes rapid epithelialization and healing of wound surfaces. Prevents the development of rough scars after various injuries and suppuration. Also contains a complex of natural phytoecdysteroids "EKDYS", stimulating the activity of keratinocytes and contributes to accelerated regeneration of tissues. It is recommended for the problem of "ingrown nail", inflammation and suppuration of the periarticular tissues, for healing wounds and cracks in professional and home care for deeper penetration into problem areas. Recommended for impregnation of the materials used in the adjustment of the nail plate (swabbing).


Individual intolerance of ingredients.


Apply 3-5 drops to the problem area and leave until it is completely absorbed.


Isopropanol, demineralized water, propolis, EKDYS.


15 ml