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Regenerating serum for nails Stop onycholysis

Regenerating serum for nails Stop onycholysis

Launches and supports the processes of regeneration in the growth areas of the nail. Prevents detaching the nail from soft tissues. It is used for the prevention of fungal and viral infections. Promotes the formation of a healthy nail plate. Placenta extract stimulates blood circulation and metabolism at the cell level, activates cellular renewal, saturates with moisture and retains it, has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates regeneration processes, neutralizes the effect of harmful substances and negative factors from the environment. Keratin amino acids restore the structure of the nail plate. Wormwood extract has healing, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Ekdys (phytoecdysteroids seratula) - activates regeneration processes of the nail regeneration.


Individual intolerance to the ingredients.


Apply daily to the nail plate and cuticle area with massaging movements.


Demineralized water, placenta extract, keratin amino acids, hydroxyethyl cellulose, wormwood extract (Artemísia absínthium), Ekdys (phytoecdysteroids seratula), allantoin, caprylyl glycol, perfume composition.


30 ml