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Strengthening OIL for brittle and peeling nails

Strengthening OIL for brittle and peeling  nails

Active oil heals and gives an impeccable look to brittle and exfoliating nails without feeling sticky.
The original composition of olive oil, castor bean oil, red fly – agaric oil and vitamin complex contributes to long-term hydration, nutrition and restoration of the nail plate.
Plant complex Ecdys enhances the growth and strength of nails. Limonene preserves the natural color of the nail plate and saturates it with vitamins.
Regular use of oil increases the elasticity and strength of brittle, thin, peeling nails. Protects the nail plate from drying out, competently cares for the cuticle, prevents the roughening of the skin around nails.
The oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, heals microdamages. Quickly absorbed, comfortable to use.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.


Apply to the nail plate and side ridges with massaging movements.


Castor bean oil (Ricinus commúnis), olive oil (Olea europaea), red fly - agaric oil (Amanita muscaria), Ecdys, vitamins A, E, F, limonene.


15 ml