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STOP STRESS INKI – the phytobalm and the phytogel that will help you cope with an uncomfortable habit!

Natural formula without dyes, consisting of extracts of seven Ural wild herbs, beeswax, propolis, orange and fir oil prevents nail brittleness and burr formation.

Phyto ingredients help to regenerate nails, strengthen nails’ protective layer, nourish and moisturize the rough skin of the nail folds, relieve inflammation, prevent the formation of burrs, heal skin cracks.

Bitter and absolutely safe taste of STOP STRESS INKI specially designed for people who suffer from a nail-biting habit.
Its clear composition is quickly absorbed, and the unpleasant taste reduces the desire to bite nails.

The STOP STRESS INKI is a unique recipe for your nail care and good help in defeating an unhygienic habit.