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Take care of yourself
SALE!!! Price reduction! We present to you the novelties - two antiseptic agents for disinfecting the skin of hands, feet and various surfaces. Alcohol-containing antiseptics have a wide range of biocidal activity, including virucidal.
Diabetic foot care
INKI professional cosmetics are absolutely safe, do not injure living cells, do not contain alkali, and also help ensure daily care and trigger regeneration processes.
Help with onycholysis
A series of tools "STOP ONYCHOLYSIS" is aimed at restoring nails with the problem of onycholysis, and also contributes to maintaining healthy processes regeneration, which is a good prevention of this problem.
Healthy and beautiful hair
The unique INKI scalp line contains the maximum biocompatible natural complex of collagen, elastin amino acids / peptides, keratin and ecdis (phytostimulator of keratinocyte activity).
Foot Care for Hyperhidrosis
For the treatment of feet prone to hyperhidrosis, INKI offers take advantage of developed innovative tools that will help handle this problem.
Innovative developments, guaranteed quality
Hypoallergenic, natural ingredients
Instant effect and lasting result
Competitive prices independent of exchange rates
Frost resistance without loss of quality
Fast order execution, delivery in Russia and the world

INKI Innovation Center

A cohesive Russian-Italian team of biochemists, chemists, technologists and podologists is working on the development and creation of new INKI cosmetics formulas. They carefully examine natural cosmetic ingredients for biological activity, safety and synergies. This approach allows you to get extremely stable cosmetic formulations with the highest possible activity of active substances.

INKI professional products are ideally biocompatible with human skin and nails, do not injure living tissues, guarantee a prolonged positive effect and are 100% compliant with European directives regulating the effectiveness and safety of cosmetics.

A wide range of products allows the master to create individual copyright programs for his clients and make the pedicure / manicure procedure as effective and comfortable as possible.