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EXPRESS сallus eliminator

EXPRESS сallus eliminator

The fast and effective solution for the toughest calluses. While wearing gloves, apply one drop at a time to sufficiently cover each callus.It breaks down calluses in 3-5 minutes so you can simply remove excess skin with professional pedicure file or buff.Suitable for express procedures. Avoid contact with cracked and damaged skin. Only for professional use. No callus cutting required.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.


Apply gel to a paper towel or cotton pad and attach to the area of calluses. Cover the foot with plastic wrap for best results. Wait 3-5 minutes. Clean the surface and file keratinized skin down with a professional foot file. Profusely apply EXPRESS Neutralizer on all skin surface and then rinse thoroughly with water.


Demineralized water, Potassium Hydroxide, edta (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), glycerin, propylene glycol.


30/100 ml