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Take care of yourself

It is not always possible  to wash hands for hygiene and cleanliness. Hand sanitizer is an alternative to soap and water, which is the most reliable way to prevent dangerous diseases.
According to doctors, alcohol-containing antiseptics kill viruses and bacteria better, and the alcohol strength should be at least 60%.
We have two new products - these are ANTISEPTIC - SPRAY with essential oil of orange and wormwood extract and  PROTECTOR antiseptic GEL with essential oil of orange.
Antiseptics have a wide range of biocidal activity, including virucidal. Terpenes of orange essential oil also enhance virucidal effect and have a pleasant aroma. Wormwood phytoncides has the bactericidal effect.
Allantoin, which is part of the antiseptic gel, softens the stratum corneum and stimulates the regeneration of skin tissues.
Do not forget that during the period of frequent hand washing and using antiseptic products, special attention should be paid to hand skin care. To minimize dryness and irritation of the skin of the hands and maintain its health, we recommend using care products from the manicure line INKI.